Satta Matka Guessing the future Result

Satta Matka Guessing technique are used by the players to guess the future result, so that to earn a good amount in satta matka. All the player uses different technique to guess the result but some people get success and some people getting loss. Because without a proven technique guessing will not work all time. That may work once or twice or one can get success by chance for once. But the guessing experts were get success every time they found there identified technique condition arises.

Today we will indicate you some of the expert guessing criteria that will guide you to make you a satta matka guessing epert. Such as identifying the satta matka line, that have some logic and matching satta matka point relation. Here we get experience of some satta matka epert to make you understand 1.  what is satta matka logic?  2. What is satta matka points? 3. What is satta matka line? And also how to get the logic and points how to find the satta matka line?

Satta Matka Logic

Satta Matka logic is nothing but the relationship between multiple results. If someone finds the relationship between the previous results then he/she can apply the same logic to future result where the same condition arises. Getting success is very easy if the logic you identified is good one. Based on this satta matka logic a line is imagined this line is consider as base and used for future references.

Some times the point calculation helps to find the logic between satta matka results.

Satta Matka Points

Satta Matka Points means the total of two digits, that is if the result is 49 then adding 4+9 =14 and the points we get from this is 4. This point are calculated in different kalyani and Mumbai satta matka result and found the a logic that means the relationship between the points of the satta matka result such as the result are having same point or in increasing or decreasing order etc. Once a relation found out that relation arrangement will gives us a satta matka line.

Satta Matka line

In satta matka game if you have some logic that applied before in satta matka result then there will be a chance, you can guess the future result. That will make you to earn by guessing the future result. To find out the logic you have to go through the previous satta matka results and find multiple result that can be interconnected by a logic and arranged in a line. The line may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. These logical lines are known as satta matka line.